Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Why do women not get along with each other?


My story is about how women act in a very bad manner against each other. Sometimes they make bad comments about each others’ life. Things they do is caused by them not trusting what they have as women. Whenever you looking nice, they feel like you more beautiful than them, so that is why they make fanny comments about you.

My story

She was wearing nice and looking beautiful. As she walked towards them, she greeted them, but there was no respond. They started giggling. As she passed them, she than starts to ask her self so many questions: why didn’t they respond? What did I do? Am I dreassed funny? But there was no answer to that. As the day goes on, one of the friends visited her. And told her why they didn’t respond to her. Her beauty just brought conflicts between her friends and her.

Her friends never talked to her anymore, because of their jealousy. She had the beauty and so did they, but because of they have low self-esteem they never accepted what God gave them. Because everyone is beautiful in their own way. As a true friend she tried to talking to them and buying them some things to make them feel good, but they never appreciated that, instead they said she thinks that she’s better than them.

She then got sick of it, and she never bothered herself with what they said or did anymore. That’s how it started with her, and why she no longer trusted the women in her community.

Women do not get along with each other because :

1. They are jealous of each other and do not trust each other.
They got mad at each other because of small things e.g. man and beauty. If you have trust in your self you wont compete with anyone.

Wanting to compete with others on what they have wont help, because you will be doing what you don’t like, but because is been done by someone and you trying to be like them, it wont work for you, you will be left with nothing of your choice but your neibours choice, cause you faking your life style.

For you to have a better life live it in your own way then do things that will lead to good life. They say in life you have to be grateful for what you have or receive.


  1. i lyk a cei dat ceis jelousy is a tirrible sickness,which is tru,wen u r in a department of jelousy affairs,u sick bt exactly u gt owt of it,u gt healed, so we gals r in dat department an we nid 2 gt well soon.

  2. I think many women have very low self esteem like you say, and it makes them act in many bad ways. Men seem to have better self esteem, but if they do have low self esteem they are often abusers, I think.

  3. Women are so often brought up to be submissive and never taught to value themselves for who they are. This in turn leads as you say to their low self esteem and is often the reason why they are nasty to others.

  4. I like the fact that young women such as yourself are actually looking into the issues and talking about them. Hopefully, we can show other how to better friends to ourselves, and to others.

    Thanks Po and Trish for checking my girls' blogs out.